New thots start with phrases

As I launch out into the deep, the fear that kept me out of the water must be eradicated!! A silent vote of confidence is unnecessary for the strong mind with a mind to let your voice be heard. Let loose and let go of timidity. Those who are strong in principle will stay stagnate if that strength isn’t shared with others. I cheat the world out of my strength if I choose not to be dynamic. This attempt at sharing my voice on this blog is my “baby steps” towards refusing to continue cheating the world. Welcome.


Stampede towards happiness


By all accounts, there was no real lull in the revelry. If there was a stampede, it was to get to the bar or the dance floor. High spirits were contagious that nite. No real need for an escort because dancing your soul happy by yourself wasn’t that unusual… although it may have looked real sad. Unattached with a brilliant diamond on that left finger spoke volumes about no real meaningful partner for protection. Any who chose to whisper about that seemingly sober lady just doing her solo on every other song, soon grew tired of her performance…even as tragic as it seemed to everyone but her.

Happiness is overrated for the forlorn and desperate. So much of those people have lost their battle; stressing over lovers who don’t get the point. The festivities can mask the deep seated hatred for showing up without the other; especially as the third wheel. The chase has become a lost cause. Who can you tell? It’s just too sad as an interesting conversation so just keep it moving…even if it the other has no great interest with couple’s adventures.

If the garb reflects a good time then the noise will drown out the screams for relief. No love lost, know happy moments but no slow dancing—sexy and close; no stampede towards happiness. Just drifting through in a costume meant for having a good time—–realizing occasional weightlessness from the burden of empty memories.

MrsO 092318





I reared back and saw myself mugging and looking so cute. But who could have imagined such power and talent wrapped up in one so young? 

True enough the dye had been cast for greatness. The love of all things artsy and fartsy came across in all that they were told to explore. No mandate was forced upon them but that which appealed to them came to the fore. But the force with which it came out made people turn and look at me and say, ‘she sho’ got some real talent’.

Hey lil mirror image, gon wit yo bad self!!! We will stand in your shadow and let the cool breezes of your success waft over us. There is much to celebrate as you venture out and bless this world. I stand proud. I cover my mouth and marvel. God Bless you. God is blessing those who have happened upon your greatness. It’s ok to say GREATNESS because we know who we are and whose we are; right?





No foto can capture her beauty; without her permission.

No dismal circumstances could blot out her courage; yet we were told that Jesus fixed it.

No lack of advanced education stunted her professional careers.

No financial obstacles kept her from sharing with those who just couldn’t make ends meet.

We saw her proudly model her strength while navigating impossible odds; yet the weakening muscular trauma has laid her lower than she could imagine while living.

No foto can presently capture her beauty, courage, quick wit or holy living; yet we serve as her witnesses.



Many wonder:

‘where in the world is this world going to?’

But few will examine their behavior that might be contributing 

to the state of affairs in this world.

Each must stop and examine themselves

to rectify their personal depravity

in this place we call Mother Earth.


ball shaped blur close up focus

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success sabotage



momma hairWhenever the joy of actually finishing dares round the corner of the project, beware of that need to sabotage your success. 

With this urge running rampant, who can keep on dreaming?

If there is time to contemplate God’s goodness, then there is time to celebrate for that which could be——right?

Each tear that falls after the sabotage has been successful, is wasted because they could have been tears of joy!

No sympathy for those who live beneath their privilege; then turn around and complain that ‘nothing ever seems to go right for me!’

Shame on you for denying your ‘better self’ a chance to rise to the top of your perceived difficulties. If life seems so hard then stop being so hard on yourself. Embrace those broken places, surround yourself with success stories and examine how many times those who succeeded came too close to giving it all up. Their work was not in vain. Their stories can be instructional.  For if we will not check out of the ‘woe is me’ game, dry those tears and take a look in the mirror.  Confess your mess———you are your own worse enemy.


It’s So Sad


Too much to do and not enough said to heal those little known facts about your pain. It leaves so little to gain if muted explanations will disregard the audience.

It’s mind boggling that unholy silence plagues us both as we dwell in corners so remote that life itself refuses to venture out that far. 

Dwelling in the outer corners of our lives jams us up and we never come unglued from our pain because there is not enough people traffic, offering solutions to our predicament.  What could they say…’it’s too tragic…it’s too sad’?

Our crusted over lives lie dormant; without meaning.  Many who know how harmful this condition can be,  have forgotten that they are our teachers.  The lessons we could learn in our pain, remain unlearned because who offers a hand to a dead man?

All who have dared to do so are too afraid of the consequences—-viewing our crusted over lives without meaning.

Rejoice if you dare think there is hope.  Retreat if hope is not the remedy you seek.  Continue to lie still.  If those who are your true teachers venture too close to the distant corners of your life, they won’t soon leave you. They can offer you a hand even if you appear to be a dead man.


Popsicle Drop Daze

popsicle-clipart-cartoon-9Loosely held popsicles drip

down your wrist, onto your arm and 

drop off your elbow; missing your tongue.

How sad to miss out on the juicy goodness that has landed 

on your shoe!! Dag!!

All that running to the ice cream man’s truck

only to succumb to the heat,

melting my treat

dropped on my feet.


It’s Amazing Once You…Fly


Higher and higher

feeling the blast of an upwards draft

Allowing outstretched wingspans to reach the outer limits of flight.

No harm, no foul; if you come to cheer me on

my flight pattern to greatness but

shoo, shoo, shoo if you come to await my slow descend towards lower, 

dangerous flight patterns into nose dives.

It’s amazing once you stretch your wings and fly… high, higher, highest

into wind gusts that rip through loosely held, tired and battered wings;

wings without strength…hell bent on descending.

Come fly and try your best at being the burst of wind beneath my

flight pattern; fly ever higher than any other time.

There is great refuge in lifting another with all that is in you——-

invested in me.

Charting the refreshed vision from a bird’s eye

view; with you as my wing man; keeping me on course.

It’s amazing, once we stretch our wings and fly.





Juicy, jumpin’,jitterbugs jes’ justify jovial jam sessions.

*     *       *       *       *     *     *

Can crawling catepillars correctly cause canvas clowns chaotic conundrums?

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Elevate elephant ears exactly eastward; excepting errors entirely effortlessly.

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Some sunshades signal sightlessness significantly sagging senior’s senses substituting shadows.

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Tend to tie toes tirelessly tanning together til tagging them tingling triumphantly.

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Revved-up revelry rangles ragged revelers resisting rushing randomly resolute rhythms.




Thot for the day


IF reincarnation really worked, why ain’t the people in this world a lot nicer?

Shouldn’t all the really awful people, who are back as a bug or some other low life creature, be changing the balance to outweigh the good people over the evil people?

Or is it just true that flies, cockroaches, slugs and regular roaches are here because they used to hang out with the dinosaurs? Jes a thot for the day.