Get Back to Civility in our schools

One more day without a kind word and I’m gonna blow my top!!! The halls of academia are loaded with young scholars doing their thing. I welcome the hustle and bustle in the crowded hallways. Sometimes it’s loaded with youthful comings and goings but mostly there is too much “blue” language and hateful speech. I remember those days of being out of the watchful eyes and ears of my mom while I dared to color my language with the sassy four letter words. She would have never caught me with my friends trying to be “grown” by using cuss words.  But long gone are those days with this generation in High Schools. They do not fear the authoritarian eye of their teachers glaring at them when they let the f-bombs fly. I’m a staff member who is very tired of their lack of self-censorship!! Come on young scholars bring back a little civility to your communication styles because the real world will not tolerate the language style of your peers. It sort of makes me want a little of the reprimands from my grandmother for this generation of Highschoolers. I summed it up in a poem I wrote way back in 1986, entitled Living Right.

Living Right

Grandmomma said, “once you find the Lawd, you better do right everyday of your life ’til you lose your life. That’s if you want to keep you life while you live in this house.”





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