Just when you think…

If the weather is in charge of how you feel when you get up in the morning, then your day is off to a rocky start. The biggest blessing is being able to wake each day and to be like the old folks say—-being in my right mind; in the land of the living. Getting to the start of your day will require you to be thankful, be fully present and be willing to walk in the shoes of someone else. Just when you think that your day couldn’t get any worse you chat with someone who is really going through. Their story reminds you of the size of your problem. After listening to someone else who is hurting, you might even say:   is my problem really that overwhelming? When you can step outside of your world for a second and help  in some small way; then your problems won’t seem as overwhelming.

I had a chance twelve years ago to sit vigil with a dear sister who was about to see her husband die. Her problems were divided by those who gathered to sit in a vigil at the hospital with her for five hours. I had times when she sat with me in my marital difficulty. So, my sitting with her was no pay back for what she had invested in me. She gave me a chance to say, “are my problems as large as I think they are?” Just when I thought about it, the answer was, “no”.  I still had my husband in the land of the living. Her husband’s death inspired me to write this piece (Brother Tris) in 2005. I’ve included an excerpt.

Brother Tris

Still life

Surreal life

A portrait painted with vivid colors of red, purple and green.

Who could know your fate?

Must we continue to boast of this understanding when the eventual answers make us so sad?

Help us Lord, in the way You know will bless our souls.

Give us some relief from the curse of our own omniscience—NO ONE KNOWS THE TROUBLES WE WILL SEE; BUT YOU.

Navigate us through; stand ready in defense of our souls on the bow of our hearts like only You can do.  We need your navigational expertise when the waves get so choppy. Call out, “peace, be still”. Our eyes will leap with gladness when even the seas obey you…

MrsO  031205

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