Luv Life

Luv Life

jumpstart your love life with a LOVE Jones.  When you are consumed with all the tangled pieces of an emotional wreck you gotta kinda sit back and wipe your forehead. The rollercoaster of life can wipe you out but you get to be down and out when the drama of a loved one gets under your skin.

your drama is enough but theirs is just down right aggravating. They mope and cuss and throw things and cry and moan and forget to hope things will get better.  Ups and downs to the tune of an upset stomach. No dingbat worth its weight in guano poop—-thinks to let others’ mess weigh them down.  They gotta to go, they gotta fly.

we hope to fly pass the drama of others so we have to be reminded of the rules—-CUT THE CRAP, FLAP YO UNFETTERED WINGS AND HIT THE SKY—–PASS THE BABBLE and CHATTER of those who got so much drama that they forgot how to jumpstart their love life whereby igniting their true life.

MrsO 051313


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