Say Who…wat’s next?

Say Who…wat’s next?

As love lights go out, the fire still burns true. When your true love stays true forever and a day; whatever comes what may. Our love is here to stay. Come hell or high water there could not be a better test to stand against even if the waves wash over me. Forever will I pledge my love to Thee; over hill and dale; and even if a mountain I must scale. I will prevail—all that it would take to tell the last love tale, about my true love’s promise,150627_4772148340427_1229737263_n and then about her heart’s comfort in me even if I curtail my love pangs with the solve of our precious memories gained in our love fest of stargazing and lip lock; as well as hand holding, gibber gabber and goo goo eyeing.  The ultimate recipe for the love sick and the forever linked by the aortic valve of heart throb, Valentines, love notes and stuff.

MrsO. 082303

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