An Owens-ism

On Hips #4:

If you have a certain curvy heritage on your hindside from the Mother land REMEMBER——- 

that African curvi-ness comes from AFRICA;  which is a continent—-it needs lots of room. Watcha say now, watcha say now?

On Fun #5:

Be at peace with yourself and be the first to not take yourself so seriously.

Belly laff once a day—IT’S FREE MEDICINE!!

On Singing #6:

Lift up your voice and SING but don’t scare the neighbors!

On Sharing Wisdom #7:

IMPART your wisdom to the next generation and don’t charge them 

for this service cuz you got WISE as you went along!

On Money #8:

You can take it with you but the CASKET doesn’t really need green wallpaper!


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