What A Wondrous Sight

rest stopFeatherweights make calls to their mates amidst tall evergreens shading various patches on an emerald carpet.

What a  wondrous sight for the road weary. Left to its own devices, thickened groves would prevent casual walks, uncovered sandwiches and quiet reflections.

The road weary need a wondrous sight cuz their eyes are sick of road lines, fast paced drivers, roadhogs speeding by on 18 wheels and busy bodies riding pass exits with their right blinders set on eternity.

Colorful featherweights dart from tree to tree seeking a better view than the one on the other branch; with a chance for a bird’s eye view of the wondrous sights.

Shadows lengthening out as they give forth gentle reminders that these wondrous sights were carved out, paved over and dotted with floral accents near the rest stop to let the road trip continue as you long for sleepier schedules; allowing a fuller feast upon the wondrous sights.


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