“What You Say ‘Bout Gospel Music?”

music-notes-clipart-worship-4gospel music came about cause somebody had to embrace this illegitimate child of “REAL” church music and honky-tonk or was it Blues, or was it Jazz? Honey, it could have been joined up with all of them.  But if you were any kind of self respectin’ church folk you simply could not accept that type of UNHOLY ALLIANCE…it was pure trash.

This UNION was created when the “prodigal children” musicians and singers hung “out all nite”. Honey, these chern had to be undercover cause even they knew they ain’t had “no do right” in them.  So, they camouflaged their “religious training” to fit inside the joot joints and shot houses. They had to play and sing in a way so the people could shake their “boody” and drown their sorrows… hear bits and pieces of grandma’s church songs of old; without slipping into the guilt trip that took them back down the memory lanes of Sunday morning hangovers.

But the bad part about us “CHURCH FOLK” was when our prodigal CHERN came home to stay; along with their honky tonk-ed up, Blues-ed up or Jazz-ed religious musical training, we transformed into Pharisees and went, “um…, um…, umph!” So in the process, we lost the prodigal and their new craft.

Well, as the religious “Umphers” started getting older and deafer; it seemed like a new breed of CHURCH FOLK start running things… they called them ‘Jesus Freaks’. They loved everybody, mixed up the races, served ya when it was hard, loved ya when ya was wrong and just generally didn’t wanna do anybody any harm; living just like Jesus. It took them to reclaim what the devil thought was his…that trashy mixture of the secular and the sacred.

So now, when you sitting in church you might hear a hymn, a gospel tune, a Christian country western song, a rap style gospel. A Bluesy hymn. Honey, the list goes on—- so we just gotta keep remembering that God’s house gotsa “plenty good room” for whosoever will come.


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