It’s Amazing Once You…Fly


Higher and higher

feeling the blast of an upwards draft

Allowing outstretched wingspans to reach the outer limits of flight.

No harm, no foul; if you come to cheer me on

my flight pattern to greatness but

shoo, shoo, shoo if you come to await my slow descend towards lower, 

dangerous flight patterns into nose dives.

It’s amazing once you stretch your wings and fly… high, higher, highest

into wind gusts that rip through loosely held, tired and battered wings;

wings without strength…hell bent on descending.

Come fly and try your best at being the burst of wind beneath my

flight pattern; fly ever higher than any other time.

There is great refuge in lifting another with all that is in you——-

invested in me.

Charting the refreshed vision from a bird’s eye

view; with you as my wing man; keeping me on course.

It’s amazing, once we stretch our wings and fly.


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