It’s So Sad


Too much to do and not enough said to heal those little known facts about your pain. It leaves so little to gain if muted explanations will disregard the audience.

It’s mind boggling that unholy silence plagues us both as we dwell in corners so remote that life itself refuses to venture out that far. 

Dwelling in the outer corners of our lives jams us up and we never come unglued from our pain because there is not enough people traffic, offering solutions to our predicament.  What could they say…’it’s too tragic…it’s too sad’?

Our crusted over lives lie dormant; without meaning.  Many who know how harmful this condition can be,  have forgotten that they are our teachers.  The lessons we could learn in our pain, remain unlearned because who offers a hand to a dead man?

All who have dared to do so are too afraid of the consequences—-viewing our crusted over lives without meaning.

Rejoice if you dare think there is hope.  Retreat if hope is not the remedy you seek.  Continue to lie still.  If those who are your true teachers venture too close to the distant corners of your life, they won’t soon leave you. They can offer you a hand even if you appear to be a dead man.


One thought on “It’s So Sad

  1. Roberta Ricci says:

    You write from the soul. How often we’re too busy, or have some excuse not to reach out to others – whether in pain or not. We need to slow down and check in with each other and listen….really take the time to listen. Connecting with each other is so important. I always choose hope, and from what I know of you, you do too. Beautifully, soulfully written.


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