success sabotage



momma hairWhenever the joy of actually finishing dares round the corner of the project, beware of that need to sabotage your success. 

With this urge running rampant, who can keep on dreaming?

If there is time to contemplate God’s goodness, then there is time to celebrate for that which could be——right?

Each tear that falls after the sabotage has been successful, is wasted because they could have been tears of joy!

No sympathy for those who live beneath their privilege; then turn around and complain that ‘nothing ever seems to go right for me!’

Shame on you for denying your ‘better self’ a chance to rise to the top of your perceived difficulties. If life seems so hard then stop being so hard on yourself. Embrace those broken places, surround yourself with success stories and examine how many times those who succeeded came too close to giving it all up. Their work was not in vain. Their stories can be instructional.  For if we will not check out of the ‘woe is me’ game, dry those tears and take a look in the mirror.  Confess your mess———you are your own worse enemy.


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