I reared back and saw myself mugging and looking so cute. But who could have imagined such power and talent wrapped up in one so young? 

True enough the dye had been cast for greatness. The love of all things artsy and fartsy came across in all that they were told to explore. No mandate was forced upon them but that which appealed to them came to the fore. But the force with which it came out made people turn and look at me and say, ‘she sho’ got some real talent’.

Hey lil mirror image, gon wit yo bad self!!! We will stand in your shadow and let the cool breezes of your success waft over us. There is much to celebrate as you venture out and bless this world. I stand proud. I cover my mouth and marvel. God Bless you. God is blessing those who have happened upon your greatness. It’s ok to say GREATNESS because we know who we are and whose we are; right?



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