success sabotage



momma hairWhenever the joy of actually finishing dares round the corner of the project, beware of that need to sabotage your success. 

With this urge running rampant, who can keep on dreaming?

If there is time to contemplate God’s goodness, then there is time to celebrate for that which could be——right?

Each tear that falls after the sabotage has been successful, is wasted because they could have been tears of joy!

No sympathy for those who live beneath their privilege; then turn around and complain that ‘nothing ever seems to go right for me!’

Shame on you for denying your ‘better self’ a chance to rise to the top of your perceived difficulties. If life seems so hard then stop being so hard on yourself. Embrace those broken places, surround yourself with success stories and examine how many times those who succeeded came too close to giving it all up. Their work was not in vain. Their stories can be instructional.  For if we will not check out of the ‘woe is me’ game, dry those tears and take a look in the mirror.  Confess your mess———you are your own worse enemy.


It’s So Sad


Too much to do and not enough said to heal those little known facts about your pain. It leaves so little to gain if muted explanations will disregard the audience.

It’s mind boggling that unholy silence plagues us both as we dwell in corners so remote that life itself refuses to venture out that far. 

Dwelling in the outer corners of our lives jams us up and we never come unglued from our pain because there is not enough people traffic, offering solutions to our predicament.  What could they say…’it’s too tragic…it’s too sad’?

Our crusted over lives lie dormant; without meaning.  Many who know how harmful this condition can be,  have forgotten that they are our teachers.  The lessons we could learn in our pain, remain unlearned because who offers a hand to a dead man?

All who have dared to do so are too afraid of the consequences—-viewing our crusted over lives without meaning.

Rejoice if you dare think there is hope.  Retreat if hope is not the remedy you seek.  Continue to lie still.  If those who are your true teachers venture too close to the distant corners of your life, they won’t soon leave you. They can offer you a hand even if you appear to be a dead man.


Popsicle Drop Daze

popsicle-clipart-cartoon-9Loosely held popsicles drip

down your wrist, onto your arm and 

drop off your elbow; missing your tongue.

How sad to miss out on the juicy goodness that has landed 

on your shoe!! Dag!!

All that running to the ice cream man’s truck

only to succumb to the heat,

melting my treat

dropped on my feet.


It’s Amazing Once You…Fly


Higher and higher

feeling the blast of an upwards draft

Allowing outstretched wingspans to reach the outer limits of flight.

No harm, no foul; if you come to cheer me on

my flight pattern to greatness but

shoo, shoo, shoo if you come to await my slow descend towards lower, 

dangerous flight patterns into nose dives.

It’s amazing once you stretch your wings and fly… high, higher, highest

into wind gusts that rip through loosely held, tired and battered wings;

wings without strength…hell bent on descending.

Come fly and try your best at being the burst of wind beneath my

flight pattern; fly ever higher than any other time.

There is great refuge in lifting another with all that is in you——-

invested in me.

Charting the refreshed vision from a bird’s eye

view; with you as my wing man; keeping me on course.

It’s amazing, once we stretch our wings and fly.





Juicy, jumpin’,jitterbugs jes’ justify jovial jam sessions.

*     *       *       *       *     *     *

Can crawling catepillars correctly cause canvas clowns chaotic conundrums?

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Elevate elephant ears exactly eastward; excepting errors entirely effortlessly.

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Some sunshades signal sightlessness significantly sagging senior’s senses substituting shadows.

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Tend to tie toes tirelessly tanning together til tagging them tingling triumphantly.

*     *     *       *       *     *     *

Revved-up revelry rangles ragged revelers resisting rushing randomly resolute rhythms.




Thot for the day


IF reincarnation really worked, why ain’t the people in this world a lot nicer?

Shouldn’t all the really awful people, who are back as a bug or some other low life creature, be changing the balance to outweigh the good people over the evil people?

Or is it just true that flies, cockroaches, slugs and regular roaches are here because they used to hang out with the dinosaurs? Jes a thot for the day.



IMG_0512  —————————————–Who would dare rejoice only four days after five months of complete despair? That type of despair that makes you wanna call “yo momma” or wish you had a momma.

Cuz a momma like that knows despair. She could tell mine was significant. So from a sleepy hello she went deep and served up the Word of God.  Her ability to heal a broken spirit, listen as a trembling voice speaks out of tears and still speak; “you will be alright.” She made it believable—-a true God sent.

 A devilish lie says, ‘Oh, this joy will only last a season.’ So, my petty fears almost join in on that lie and hurt me by justifying my suspicions; giving way to only mild “hallelujahs”. But the cool part is God knows our weaknesses and loves us—–just because… no strings attached.

Not even the angels can give your testimony when the smoke of despair finally clears so HALLELUJAH LORD, I CAN SEE A CHANGE A COMIN’!!!! You will show me my life through the glasses that are Heaven made so’s I’s can see your hand in my plans.



Li(f)e as we know it

None              WHO has time for the run around? NOT ME!!!    I want the statement straight and truthful.  I’d rather have the “UGLY” truth than a “pretty” LIE.

             The ugliness of the LIE is far worse than any UGLINESS in truth.

             Truth will set you free—-NO AMOUNT OF UGLINESS in freedom will scare you worse than a PRETTY LIE when exposed to the light of TRUTH.                MrsO2005


Transfixed yet not Transformed

211090_339602056155192_1329532875_nEverybody has heard tell of how you were transfixed. Much of what you claimed happened would provide us with the reason for no real transformation.

Therein lies the lies which lay out no true road map to happiness.  Is happiness enough? Probably not yet. Much of the delight arrives once you stop transfixing and begin some type of transformation. But you can’t do if on your own.

Each new day is another chance to start over again.  There is a two step process: TRANSFIXED ACTIONS REFUSING TO STAY STATIC BUT LEADING ONE INTO A TRUE TRANSFORMATION…FOR THE BETTER!!


“What You Say ‘Bout Gospel Music?”

music-notes-clipart-worship-4gospel music came about cause somebody had to embrace this illegitimate child of “REAL” church music and honky-tonk or was it Blues, or was it Jazz? Honey, it could have been joined up with all of them.  But if you were any kind of self respectin’ church folk you simply could not accept that type of UNHOLY ALLIANCE…it was pure trash.

This UNION was created when the “prodigal children” musicians and singers hung “out all nite”. Honey, these chern had to be undercover cause even they knew they ain’t had “no do right” in them.  So, they camouflaged their “religious training” to fit inside the joot joints and shot houses. They had to play and sing in a way so the people could shake their “boody” and drown their sorrows… hear bits and pieces of grandma’s church songs of old; without slipping into the guilt trip that took them back down the memory lanes of Sunday morning hangovers.

But the bad part about us “CHURCH FOLK” was when our prodigal CHERN came home to stay; along with their honky tonk-ed up, Blues-ed up or Jazz-ed religious musical training, we transformed into Pharisees and went, “um…, um…, umph!” So in the process, we lost the prodigal and their new craft.

Well, as the religious “Umphers” started getting older and deafer; it seemed like a new breed of CHURCH FOLK start running things… they called them ‘Jesus Freaks’. They loved everybody, mixed up the races, served ya when it was hard, loved ya when ya was wrong and just generally didn’t wanna do anybody any harm; living just like Jesus. It took them to reclaim what the devil thought was his…that trashy mixture of the secular and the sacred.

So now, when you sitting in church you might hear a hymn, a gospel tune, a Christian country western song, a rap style gospel. A Bluesy hymn. Honey, the list goes on—- so we just gotta keep remembering that God’s house gotsa “plenty good room” for whosoever will come.