Just Yesterday

Just Yesterday

Whenever the load seems heavy,

I remember that you have a heavier load.

With all that I choose to take on,

You inspire me to move on still further.

So, just yesterday this lesson became

abundantly clear. I wanted to share that with you,

But it was too late because

you were already gone.


God’s wonderment


Lift up high your posture of doom; let sorrow cease being your soup of the day; banish all those who bathe in doom; surrender your faithless breath and shout unto God with a voice of triumph!



Explore the outer reaches of God’s beautiful creation. Learn the names of beautiful plants, trees, birds and mountain ranges–all the earth sings God’s praises. JOIN IN!!!



Drink long cool gulps of God’s loving care. Breathe deeply of God’s fragrant earth. Sit quietly and marvel at God’s various sounds; He placed them in nature.




Whatever the cause might be—lean over and puke it out.  The poison is seeping into your bones. Yesteryear’s remedies have no power to heal tomorrow’s regrets. Any regrets have a choke hold on dreams.

Yet the lack of oxygen yields one too drunk to fight back. Oh, but the weary scream a soundless siren for no one’s hearing. Get out and render that stronghold loosened. Jump for joy and celebrate your freedom, your insatiable appetite of dreams.

Never too drunk, welding a sword of courage; flashing a look of derision on the haters; yet firmly laying hold to your personal mandate—-love thy neighbor as you would your selfie.

Charge forward young warrior, dupe the savages and release the birds of prey so that the carcasses of doom will no longer litter the land.


An Owens-ism

On Hips #4:

If you have a certain curvy heritage on your hindside from the Mother land REMEMBER——- 

that African curvi-ness comes from AFRICA;  which is a continent—-it needs lots of room. Watcha say now, watcha say now?

On Fun #5:

Be at peace with yourself and be the first to not take yourself so seriously.

Belly laff once a day—IT’S FREE MEDICINE!!

On Singing #6:

Lift up your voice and SING but don’t scare the neighbors!

On Sharing Wisdom #7:

IMPART your wisdom to the next generation and don’t charge them 

for this service cuz you got WISE as you went along!

On Money #8:

You can take it with you but the CASKET doesn’t really need green wallpaper!





Love is a virtue and beauty is vain

A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised

and that ain’t no lie if the final word is to be say-ed




Looke here girlie, don’t pay me no mind, I just done lived a hundred years pass my time. I’m giving you the facts—-I’ll set the record straight.  If you love the man, like you say you do, better keep your skirt down and wait.

That marriage ring will come. Honey don’t you know that man gone love you more cuz yall will be blessed by God’s plan. JUST AS SURE AS I DONE TOLD YOU SO.


Vinyl Dreams Part 1

Tunes from the past are a healing balm. The flood of what you were doing rush in

and take you there… wherever “there” was.

You used to be serenaded by tuning in on your radio station and once your song hit

the DJ’s turntable, choruses of :”That’s my soo-nn-gg; that’s my jaa-mm; turn it up!” rang out throughout the house.

Whichever way you moved didn’t matter becuz each one got caught up in the time warp, the R&B time continuum of finger snapping, butt shakin’, jumpin’, snaking yo neck, cuttin’ yo rug and beating the rhythms on any steady surface.




Whatever confusion keeps you in a maze, will keep you lost

in the sauce. Who’s the boss? The one who pays the cost to be

the boss. Who sets the pace? The one who creates the race.  

Therefore, join in the maze and enjoy the craze. You will be

amazed how much you will decrease your daze.


An Owens-ism #3

7032bbee082daf62708332df63af9c5b--two-hearts-sweet-heartsAn Owens-ism #3:

On Boyz that are too girl crazy—

looka here… she is crypto-nite and you are superman



On  Happy home—–stock-photo-dilapidated-house-in-mendocino-county-california-51396022.jpg

BUILD A HOUSE ON SOUND TRADITIONS with a side of laffter,

a generous helping of forgiveness, a smattering of helpful criticism

and much prayer.


On pontification—–9fe0dc0147712f483db861f9fd29cb7c.jpg

An impoverished conversation is filled with empty words

that do not inspire an follow through.



Sunshine on my shoulder

Most cloudy days end in haze,

It does not amaze or faze my crave

for a better maze of better days.

The uncloudy day or what we call sunshine, blows my mind

and makes me want to unwind; only to find that I’m not in a bind.

Not caught up in “hind”sight, ready to fight 

Therefore, forgetting the blight i’d previously been in… too uptight to remember

the fright of the “hind”sight, ready to rewind the bind, forgetting that

i’d had my mind blown from the uncloudy, the better maze of better days—–


MrsO 101717



A Rose with a Smile

For all the roses in the world, I’d give my free time away. That would be a good swap.  The textures, fragrances, colors of a rose…

If any flower is captivating…it is a rose. If the broad scope of that much variety, in fleur and fauna doesn’t cheer you up then much medical attention is necessary. 

The debate between the theory of evolution and intelligent designer is lost without a keen investigation of a simpe rose.  The attention to detail in the symmetry, color and fragrance leaves nothing to chance… oops, there goes the Big Bang Theory.

MrsO 052313