What A Wondrous Sight

rest stopFeatherweights make calls to their mates amidst tall evergreens shading various patches on an emerald carpet.

What a  wondrous sight for the road weary. Left to its own devices, thickened groves would prevent casual walks, uncovered sandwiches and quiet reflections.

The road weary need a wondrous sight cuz their eyes are sick of road lines, fast paced drivers, roadhogs speeding by on 18 wheels and busy bodies riding pass exits with their right blinders set on eternity.

Colorful featherweights dart from tree to tree seeking a better view than the one on the other branch; with a chance for a bird’s eye view of the wondrous sights.

Shadows lengthening out as they give forth gentle reminders that these wondrous sights were carved out, paved over and dotted with floral accents near the rest stop to let the road trip continue as you long for sleepier schedules; allowing a fuller feast upon the wondrous sights.



20161127_124610If I ever look at you with a look that kills; just smile back. Give me a hug and look deeply in my eyes and defuse my mess. If the truth is true, you will find that I’m a big old marshmallow with a crusty, hard outer shell that might chip a tooth. Once you get pass my fake ferocious manner, you could be pleasantly surprised.


Home Remedies for What’s Ailing Ya



A cheesy smile—needs a frowning cracker.

A juicy mouth—needs a dry sponge.

A sore back——needs a relaxed front.

A lying tongue—needs a truthful tonsil.

A trick knee——needs a bowlegged magician.

A full stomach—needs an empty pair of pants.

A funny bone—–needs a humor-less X-ray.

A face lift———–needs a planet with no gravity.

A bruised rib—–needs some soft BBQ sauce.

A tickle in the throat—needs a massage in a glass.

                            AND LASTLY

A runny nose——needs sneakers with tissues. 





So, if you think Jesus as deity is a riddle—check behind your ears cuz they’re still wet. Won’t you look in His face…just a little?  Is it because you have your safety net?

Now you are sinking in the sea of circumstances.  Your heart of flesh is as hard as a rock. Why don’t you give your heart to Jesus? DO IT WITHOUT A DELAY! He’ll be there to help you out.

Can you swim in a crashing wave? Where’s your shelter from the howling wind? Have you ever trembled when you heard the thunder? WELL, just keep your eyes on Him. JUST KEEP your eyes on Him.



Wonderful wonder



The two couples whom allowed me to hang out with them were such a delight; for the night of revelry meant for you and I.

I gave them each a bit of my soul reserved for you. There was no ill-will set up to disregard you. Just a kindly gesture meant to say, “thank you for sharing a bit of your souls with me”.

There is much resentment that you have reserved for me because I’d dare to go out and have an adventure; a wonderful wonder.  Your icy coldness does not trump my wonderful wonder therefore my sadness is caught up in your missing a chance to connect. We are lost in the maze.


Just Yesterday

Just Yesterday

Whenever the load seems heavy,

I remember that you have a heavier load.

With all that I choose to take on,

You inspire me to move on still further.

So, just yesterday this lesson became

abundantly clear. I wanted to share that with you,

But it was too late because

you were already gone.


God’s wonderment


Lift up high your posture of doom; let sorrow cease being your soup of the day; banish all those who bathe in doom; surrender your faithless breath and shout unto God with a voice of triumph!



Explore the outer reaches of God’s beautiful creation. Learn the names of beautiful plants, trees, birds and mountain ranges–all the earth sings God’s praises. JOIN IN!!!



Drink long cool gulps of God’s loving care. Breathe deeply of God’s fragrant earth. Sit quietly and marvel at God’s various sounds; He placed them in nature.




Whatever the cause might be—lean over and puke it out.  The poison is seeping into your bones. Yesteryear’s remedies have no power to heal tomorrow’s regrets. Any regrets have a choke hold on dreams.

Yet the lack of oxygen yields one too drunk to fight back. Oh, but the weary scream a soundless siren for no one’s hearing. Get out and render that stronghold loosened. Jump for joy and celebrate your freedom, your insatiable appetite of dreams.

Never too drunk, welding a sword of courage; flashing a look of derision on the haters; yet firmly laying hold to your personal mandate—-love thy neighbor as you would your selfie.

Charge forward young warrior, dupe the savages and release the birds of prey so that the carcasses of doom will no longer litter the land.


An Owens-ism

On Hips #4:

If you have a certain curvy heritage on your hindside from the Mother land REMEMBER——- 

that African curvi-ness comes from AFRICA;  which is a continent—-it needs lots of room. Watcha say now, watcha say now?

On Fun #5:

Be at peace with yourself and be the first to not take yourself so seriously.

Belly laff once a day—IT’S FREE MEDICINE!!

On Singing #6:

Lift up your voice and SING but don’t scare the neighbors!

On Sharing Wisdom #7:

IMPART your wisdom to the next generation and don’t charge them 

for this service cuz you got WISE as you went along!

On Money #8:

You can take it with you but the CASKET doesn’t really need green wallpaper!





Love is a virtue and beauty is vain

A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised

and that ain’t no lie if the final word is to be say-ed




Looke here girlie, don’t pay me no mind, I just done lived a hundred years pass my time. I’m giving you the facts—-I’ll set the record straight.  If you love the man, like you say you do, better keep your skirt down and wait.

That marriage ring will come. Honey don’t you know that man gone love you more cuz yall will be blessed by God’s plan. JUST AS SURE AS I DONE TOLD YOU SO.